Canine Events, Trials, Seminars, and Certifications

Dedicated to excellence and variety in performance events and training for dogs and humans!


A dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. The agility course consists of a set of standard obstacles laid out by a judge in a design of his or her own choosing in an area of a specified size. My specialty is learning to communicate (words and body movement) with your dog as they go through the course from a distance!


BARN HUNT is based on the traditional roles of many breeds in ridding farms, barns, crop storage areas, and homes of destructive vermin. All dogs are welcome.  The course includes straw bales, tunnels and rats in tubes.  All dogs gain confidence and both human and dog learn communication techniques.


 Disc dog competitions include dogs, their human and flying discs(frisbees). The Team (thrower/catcher) compete in events for distance, accuracy and style (freestyle) within a specific time. The sport celebrates the bond between handler and dog, by allowing them to work together.


include CANINE GOOD CITIZEN is the foundation for other activities. As you work with your dog to teach the skills, you’ll discover the many benefits and joys of training your dog. Training will enhance the bond between you and your dog-FARM DOG tests a dog’s aptitude to be a working farm dog. In the test, dogs are presented with livestock and other sights, sounds, and scents common on a farm. The dog has to be confident and trust the handler-TRICK DOG is a wonderful way to form a closer, more communicative bond with your dog. Overall obedience and manners is also likely to improve.Likely to result in better health (as many tricks help build muscle tone and stamina), increase flexibility, balance and concentration, as well as a boost in your dog’s confidence and yours.